Explainer and Sales Video Creation

Nothing engages visitors like video content which is no wonder why video is becoming the most used content on websites.Having an explainer or intro video on your site is a great way to describe your products and services. Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular because it’s such a great way to engage with your visitors. People respond much more to visual properties. We can create your own sketch or story board video which incorporates your company logo.
Use the video on your website or social media platforms to promote your brand or sell an individual product.

 Engage Your Audience

We can create bespoke story board and sketch videos for your business complete with using your logo. These videos work great as an introduction to your company, product or service or a longer video for sales presentations. We also have live actor video options from ready made industry templates to producing videos from your own script. We can work with you to compile a compelling script for your video to make sure it gets maximum engagement.
See various examples below

Sketch Videos

Live Actor Videos

Story Board Videos

Our clients have found using video in their online marketing has increased engagement leads by up to 45%.

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