Social Media Services

Social Media replaces nothing but complements everything – Neal Schaffer

If your social media campaigns are failing to generate engagement, buzz and more importantly leads then you need our help.

Social media when implemented correctly is one of the most powerful tools in the current market and should be an essential part of your business growth plan. There is a distinct difference between having a large social media audience and growing an engaging fan base.

Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising and with social media that word can travel far and wide. As a business you should take full advantage of this powerful medium.

The team at Glow Serp can help you achieve a true engaging army of followers that are genuinely interested in your brand.

Account Creation

Deciding which social networks will work for your business is an important
part in growing a business with social media. Following a discovery conversation with you to find out your target market and After discussing your growth plans We will create the relevent social media accounts that complement your business the best.

Social Media Design

Your social media channel art is important and should have a similar design flow to promote online brand awareness. We will design and create your channel art and make sure it is congruent across all your social media platforms. We can integrate your current logo and website colours or design somthing new but keeping with the theme.

Social Media Managment

In order for social media to be successful it has to be consistent and value driven. We can work with you to design a strategy and handle all the social media posting and engagement. We have vast experience in creating paid social media startegies that promotes your brand and ultimately leads to new clients and customers.

Make Your Business Social

Contact us today to start your social media campaign, combined with structured search engine marketing strategy you brand can experience exposure like never before. Reach more potential customers, generate more leads and ultimately more profit. Lets get started today! Call us on +44 (0)1268 937720