What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is a method of optimising a website for higher rankings in the major search engines. Carrying out SEO is a combination of both on-page and off-page activity.  There are lots of misconceptions surrounding SEO practices and how they work including what is black hat SEO? As well as what does Google what to see on a website.

Below we look at why your website should be optimised, what it means to your business and what we deliver with our search engine optimisation services.

Local SEO – People Are Searching For your Business right Now!

Unless you offer an extremely obscure service or product…such as purple throw away cups in the shape of an elephant it may surprise you to know that hundreds or maybe even thousands of people are searching for you product or service every week.

Many years ago the Yellow pages or Thompson local was the main source for people looking for a service or if this wasn’t to hand you could have called one of the telephone directory services such as 118. Here’s a question…when did you last use the Yellow pages? Just a guess but I imagine it was a long time ago or maybe you are saying “the what pages?”

Today the vast majority of people use a major search engine to find what they are looking for whether it be a plumber in Surrey, a Dentist in Essex or somewhere to purchase clothes online. The first page of Google is where it all happens 75% of searchers do not go past the first page so as a business if you are on page 2, 3 or worse you are just not going to be chosen.

Try this test for yourself now to see how well your website is SEO optimised, jump on to Google and type in a few phrases which people would use to find your service or product i.e. Electrician Clochester or Taxis Kent. Now take a look at where you appear in the serps (search engine results page) if it’s not in the top five on page one your missing out!

The image on the right shows where you business should be appearing, the first arrow shows the map listings while the second indicates the top three positions. Appearing in both these should be your main aim.

Your potential customers will be doing this on a daily basis and for those websites that are optimised for Google will be enjoying a steady flow of organic leads.

search engine promotion essex

Why Do I Need SEO Services

As we have already discussed people are looking for the service you provide or the product you supply every single day and whoever positions themselves in front of these potential customers will collect the leads, enquiries and sales.

Let’s look at an example:

The search term for “emergency dentist in London” is 1600 per month this means every month 1600 people are typing in this phrase looking for an emergency dentist. Dentists ranking organically in the top 3 of Google for this search term will receive 40% of the clicks, which is 640 landing on the website every month.

organic website seo

Let’s say just 5% are converted into patients, that’s 32 new patients every single and depending on the treatment provided will probably generate in excess of £4000 per month not to mention any on-going treatment in the years to come.

Now there are two ways a dentist could position themselves in front of all these searches.

Use pay per click ads from Google which as you can see from the image above will cost £5.25 for each click to your website which he will be paying month after month, year after year.
Alternatively, the dentist could rank his / her website organically within Google and enjoy continuous free organic leads month after month for an initial 3 -6-month investment in SEO.
This is just one keyword for this industry in-depth keyword research would uncover well over 100 which would result in thousands of searches a month.

This example can easily be translated into your own business all you need to do is take the figure you make from each new customer. This could be a one off if you own a roofing business or regular payments if are a Chiropractor for example. How much more profit would your business generate with an extra 20, 50 or even 100 new customers every month?

Using a professional search engine optimisation service is one of the best ROI around as initial short term work from the SEO consultant can lead to years of monthly free organic leads.

Our SEO Process

Although we are an SEO Essex company we have assisted businesses all over the world, increasing their monthly turnover and profit by helping them rank high in Google and the other major search engines.

Initial Consultation

Our first stage involves an initial consultation to find out more about your business, your aspirations and your target market. We also discuss your social media presence and how this can be integrated into your Search engine marketing strategy for maximum benefit.

Full Website Audit

We always conduct a full website audit before we start work. This to establish where you are ranking and for which keywords. We also need to check for any manual, algorithmic penalties or damaging backlinks you may have which could be affecting your website performance. Any issues we uncover will be repaired or in extreme cases, we may look at other courses of action.

In-depth Keyword Analysis

The next stage is keyword analysis around your business and target market. This involves typically looking at a mixture of strong buying and enquiring keywords that your potential customers are searching on. We analyse your competition to see what keywords they are ranking. This process quite often reveals a large collection of main and LSI keywords that we can use as part of the ranking strategy. We will advise you how and where to use the keywords in your site

Citation Building

To appear in the Google map listings you need to build good consistent citations. We will build citations with all the authoritative major directories and supply you with a list of all the username and passwords for your future reference.

On-Page | Off Page Optimisation

The on and off page optimisation covers making sure your website has all the correct keywords, headers and other elements that go towards ranking a website. Making sure your site has just the right amount of keywords without over optimisation is another key factor.

Our link building technique helps provide your website with trust in the eyes of Google helping you steadily rise in the search engine results. We use a series of authoritative network partner sites in your niche as the foundation. All our work is white hat and built to last. Both on and off page is implemented over a series of months.

Reports at your Finger Tips

It’s important you know what is happening and when with your SEO campaign which is why you are given your own back office where you can log in and see up to date reports of your campaign and see proof of your web site rising in the search engines.

SEO Services UK

We are proud to have helped many businesses in the UK improve their digital marketing and assist them to dominate the competition with local SEO and national SEO services. Outside the UK? No problem we also have international clients. Wherever you are whatever service you offer we can increase your leads and sales.

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