You are probably on this page from either an organic search or you were directed here by me, either way, it means you are serious about increasing your online business presence, targeted traffic to your website and of course your turnover.


We have spent many years perfecting our service to achieve excellent results for businesses of all sizes, in fact, we can out perform most agencies in the country. Our SEO and link building service will deliver real results for your business.


As a business, you want to know what your money is being spent on and what exactly is being carried out.
I believe transparency must be 100% in a business relationship which is why I have outlined below our exact process and the service we deliver to our current clients, and what we will do when you become a client.


Prior to taking on any new client we like to carry out a site audit and consultation to find out more about your business such as the areas you want to grow, current website enquiries and enquiries to customer ratio (if known) this will help us to give you an indication of the likely increase in turnover from our service or in other words the ROI. If you have any previous SEO work carried out on your website and what

Being a small team we want to make sure we provide a service of the highest quality so we only work with a maximum of 10 clients at any one time. If at the time of reading this we have a full quota I’m afraid we won’t be able to work together, not just yet anyway.



Every month we make a report available online which you can access at your leisure this tells you what has been done for the month along with the progress of keyword rankings and organic traffic increase.
The second report is a real time document that gets updated as we progress with the link acquisition strategy, again, this is stored online and can be accessed at any time. Once we begin the outreach campaign you will see this change on a daily basis.

First Stage

Before we start our outreach campaign to acquire genuine links to your website we need to make sure everything on your site is as it should be such as content, loading times, schema code etc. It’s better to start on the right foot than uncover issues later on. If there is any under optimisation it will dampen the results of the links being built.



First is a full competition audit to look at your top ranking competitors. We start by reverse engineering your top 5 competitors to find out everything about them including keyword density, content, domain metrics and their top backlinks as well as their on-page SEO such as meta description and H tags. These are the websites we are going to outrank so this gives us an idea of the strategy we will be using. We may also uncover keywords that you haven’t thought of using. The data we collect from this part of the project will influence the overall strategy.


Full On-page SEO Audit

Content is one of Googles key ranking factors so this part is very important. If your on-page optimisation isn’t right no amount of back links will produce high rankings. This is why we carry out a full site on-page audit to make sure your word count is correct along with the keyword density. This has to be just the right percentage, too low and it will affect your potential rankings but too high and you risk a penalty. As this is something we do day in day out we know exactly the right percentage.


Domain and Link Profile Audit

Next we carry out an audit to check the health of your domain name and back link profile. We look at all your current backlinks to make sure all they are all coming from trusted sources and you don’t have any toxic links. If you have then just by carrying out a disavow with Google could move you up a few places. We always advise to remove any links that could trigger a penalty in the future, better safe than sorry! We like to make sure your on-page and backlink profile is strong before moving on, a strong foundation is essential to ensure success.


Keyword Research

You will more than likely already be ranking somewhere for your target keywords or at least know what your main ones are. If not we will carry out keyword research within your niche to uncover the best buyer keywords to target. Quite often we can uncover some low competition keywords for some quick wins.


Mobile and Site Speed Test

Once we have perfect on page optimisation we make sure your website is mobile friendly, non-mobile friendly sites do not appear on mobile searches meaning a huge loss of traffic. A website load speed test is also run to make sure the site is loading in a sufficient time. Slow loading sites will appear lower down the rankings than sites that load faster. If required we will increase the speed of your site with a few adjustments. Having lots JavaScript and media such as mp4 files can slow down the load time of your site.



A citation is a mention of your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) and link to your site. Google uses this to evaluate the online authority of your business. Citations are essential for local SEO and to appear in the Google maps listings. If you provide a service or product to your local area we make sure we build out fully optimised citations with Geotagged embedded images. Even if your market is national citations will still play an important part as they still provide good white hat back links and pillowing links.

Throughout the campaign, we continue to build high authority social media properties and citations to create further branding and social proof and online trust. This also helps to increase the strength of the domain authority.


Brand Awareness

Although many agencies view this as an extra service this is all part of our service. We will audit all of your social media platforms to make sure they are properly optimised. If you don’t have the main social media accounts we will create them for you. A search on your brand should take over the whole of the first page at the very least.


Access to Google Analytic

We will require access to your Google Analytics account (if you haven’t got this we will install it for you) to gain an insight into what visitors do when they visit your site along with how they view your content. This also gives us insight what percentage are using mobile devices and the overall bounce rate on your pages.


Access to Google Search Console

This is also something we will need access to. If you haven’t got this it will be set up for you. The search console will tell us which keywords you are already appearing for and the effectiveness of these for driving targeted traffic. We quite often uncover some quick wins here, there may be some keywords that are almost there and just need a quick boost.
We cross reference the data on both these accounts and see which keywords are getting impressions but no clicks and which are your most popular pages. We often uncover some sleeping giants doing this and gain good ground quickly.


Analyzing Your Anchor Text Ratio

Anchor text is the clickable text in a link. The anchor text we are concerned with are the links on other websites pointing to yours. We will manually check all of your anchor text ratios to make sure it looks natural.

We use various tools to check correct anchor text like SEM Rush, Majestic Pro and Moz Pro. If the majority of links coming into your website are from the anchor text of specific keywords you are trying to rank for this can be a big problem.

it is completely unnatural to have a high percentage of specific keyword anchors and at best it will hold your search climb back, at worst you will receive a Penguin penalty from Google. A natural link ratio can be seen below from the website of PC World
The larger segments are brand, URL and generic anchor text such as click here, website. The specific keyword anchor text is the small yellow and blue segments. This is how most people would link to your site and what is achieved by white hat link building.


anchor text ratio













If we discover a high percentage of keyword anchor text we will carry out pillowing tactics to diversify your anchor text. This involves creating a range of general and branded anchor text such as directory, press releases, manufacturer links (e-commerce only), video links and event links to name a few.



Target Keywords

All your current ranking keywords and target keywords will be added to our rank tracking software so we can monitor the progress. Keywords tend to fluctuate quite a bit, especially in the early stages of SEO work. Sometimes this movement can quite aggressive moving both up and down and is quite normal. So if you happen to be checking your keywords on daily or weekly basis don’t be alarmed to see you are now in position 34 when yesterday you were at position 29. Daily and even weekly movement is not always a true reflection and remember genuine SEO is a long term game.


link building services











Link Building Services

The next stage of the process and the one that will be on-going is link acquisition which will provide your website with a growing backlink profile. All white hat, high authority links from real websites.


Content Audit

At this point we are almost ready to begin our content marketing and outreach campaign but before we start we need to know what type of content your site currently has, how many social shares it has and if it’s something we can use to build good authoritative backlinks or in other words will web masters in your niche want to link out to your content? Content for white hat link building has to be of a very high standard, unique and give immense value to the reader.

We sometimes find our clients either don’t have any current content or that it’s simply not the type of content we can use. In this instance, we will ask you to have some content created or we can use our professional copy writers to produce content. The content we produce is to a very high standard that people will love to link to and share. This will be an additional cost. Ideally, you will have a content budget for the duration of the project. Excellent content will stand the test of time and continue to bring traffic and links long after it’s been created.

Once we have decided which content to use (either current or newly created) we will add it to the project sheet. Depending on the type of content will depend on what link type we will use it for.

The type of content that works well is:

  • How to guides
  • Content containing data relevant to your niche
  • case studies
  • Infographics
  • Tips/advice in your nice or sometimes called life hacks


Create a Gmail Account

Whenever we start a new outreach campaign we find it best to act as the client i.e. you, the reason is that our targets, in this case, high authoritative websites in your niche, respond better to individuals than to agencies. So we will create a Gmail account in your name which will also be used to create the web 2.0 properties and be used in the outreach campaign.


Content Marketing and Outreach Campaign

Your website now has the correct on-page SEO, any toxic or spammy backlinks have been disavowed, your backlink profile has been corrected if required along with site speed and mobile friendly testing. Your website is 100% primed for search engines. You may have already seen a rise in rankings from the work so far but now the work begins that will increase rankings and organic traffic to your website which are white hat authoritative backlinks. We will be working hard to make sure your content finds the audience it was intended for.

We will aim to build a mixture of different types of links to keep things looking as natural as possible a few will be:

  • Guest posts
  • Sponsored posts
  • Resource pages
  • Broken links


Once we have the target keywords we then use Google operators to uncover niche websites that will be a good match for us to reach out to.
The Google operators we use are a powerful list of search queries, in the below example we are targeting guest posts in the roofing niche.


google operators



We use this powerful tool to create hundreds of niche targets for different link types on websites we can contact to build various white hat backlinks. The above example shows guest posts which are great for directing targeted traffic to a site as well as gaining good backlinks, many times these receive lots of social shares and likes.
Guest posts mean the content is on someone else site with a link back to your website but other links will be secured from generated content on your website.

A lot of the links we decide to use are based on the type of industry you are in. Some industries, especially ones that appeal to a wider audience may be slightly easier to secure backlinks in. This may include industries such as fitness or home furnishings, other niches like borrowing or unique niches often prove more difficult.  There are many link profiles we use to make sure we achieve a good mix to give a natural link profile.


Managing the Project

Once we have the keywords, a list of which links we are going to build, targets and all the other information in place we will create a real time project roll-out of exactly what we will be doing over the coming months. You can access this at any time and see what tasks are to be done, the deadline along with all completed tasks. You can literally see the campaign unfolding on a daily basis. Everything that has happened and is going to happen can be found in this online document.


Finding the opportunities along with the person and contact details

Now is the time to create a list of targets. We already know:

  • Target keywords
  • The content we will be using
  • Types of links we want
  • Search operators

All the above criteria are used to find prospects or in other words the people behind the websites that we want to connect with to talk about linking opportunities.
This process is ongoing all the time and is very time-consuming. We try to make contact via email and phone if we can find the number.
There is quite often many follow emails or calls to make contact and discuss our linking proposition. All these details will be added to your online folder so you can see who we are contacting and what the status is i.e. initial contact or follow up.


Making contact with the prospects

The initial contact is made using a personalised email which varies slightly depending on which link type is the target. We always try to find the actual person name and personal email and if possible a contact phone number. Finding these details takes more detective work but the personal approach not only increases the success rate but also to build a relationship, this can result in further links and the person sharing your content on their social media channels.


The Results of the link building

Let’s break the results down to see what will be achieved from the outreach campaign and the links that are built.

  1. Direct organic traffic
  2. Powerful niche specific links to your website


Due to the fact that these links are very niche specific people visiting the site people will be clicking on your links because they are genuinely interested in what you have. This is the best type of traffic, super targeted that usually converts very well and often results in buyers for your product or service.

Secondly, you will have one of the main search engines ranking factors which are high authority links from real websites, you simply can not get any better than this. Search engines love this and will reward your website with higher rankings, which of course provides more targeted organic visitors.

Higher rankings will put your website in front of the people actually searching for your product or service and when they click on your site they are ready to buy, this is the ultimate traffic source. As long as your website has been optimised to convert you can expect a continued increase in profits.


more traffic to my website




How many links can I expect?

This depends on a number of factors such as content that is available to use, the industry you are in and how the targets react to the outreach, on average we tend to secure 15-20 links per month on our minimum entry level.

The more quality content you are able to let us create will result in a wider outreach and the higher the result will be and as each piece of content is specifically designed for the type of link being targeted it will enable us to cover more link opportunities.An example would be if you created 10 pieces of content in a month they may be split up to be used as

  • 3 to be used to improve already popular content that people are linking to, we are creating a more up to date piece for them to link to
  • 2 to be used for link resources that no longer exist. Taking advantage of dead links and suggesting they link to our content.
  • 3 for other websites based. Content relevant to their site which would provide their readers value.
  • 2 for your site for people to link back to.


What is the cost of our Services?

This all depends on various factors such the competitiveness of your niche and what you want to achieve.

The on-page and off-page audit service is delivered as part of any service level, we need to make sure the foundations are correct before commencing the outreach service.

Our minimum monthly fee is £750 which is where a lot of our clients start but usually end up on a higher level once they experience the effects of the campaign.

For a free consultation please complete our discovery form by clicking HERE