what is online reputation management

Online reviews are more important than ever for local businesses with one of the biggest now being Google reviews. Unfortunately, just a handful of bad reviews can lead to a lack of trust with potential customers and the risk of losing them to your competition. Bad reviews do not always mean you have provided a bad service, all it takes is a customer that’s having a bad day, a simple mistake by an employee or even a disgruntled ex-employee. Online reviews are here to stay and the simple fact is local businesses have no control over whether they get them or not.

90% Of Customers Say The Decision To Buy Is Influenced By Online Reviews

Overwhelming Statistics Show Reviews makeĀ  A Huge Difference

The graphic to the right shows the data from a survey of online shoppers including people looking for a local service.
90% of these people stated that they are influenced to choose businesses with positives reviews whilst 86% also said negative reviews made them look elsewhere. Businesses with a zero review rating received significantly less enquiries than those businesses with positive 5-star reviews.

how to get google reviews

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