Increase Visability for Non-Branded Search Terms by 84%

The Client


The HotShots brand owns themed barbers and hair salons in five different UK locations.
The business has a good local reputation with positive feedback from customers.

Although the local barbers and hair salons were attracting good foot traffic they also required a good presence in the local online search. They were appearing for brand searches but were only ranking for a small number of other industry target keywords. 

Hotshots asked us to help them appear within their different locations for the same search terms their competitors were showing for and increase overall ranking on Google local search and the maps listings.

The Objectives

As Hotshots wasn’t happy with their existing site layout we were asked to redesign the layout of the site along with creating new content. The second phase of the project was to optimise both the website and GMB listings to increase organic traffic. This has to be carried out for five pages targeting different locations.


The Campaign

The local SEO campaign was created based on collected data and audits. We’ve outlined the main work carried out to achieve the clients request below.

Site and SEO Audit

We ran an indepth audit of the entire site using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other industry leading tools. The aim was to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire website along with its strengths and weaknesses. We ran audits on the following areas.


  • Content – Is the content of high quality, able to convert and is there any linkable assets?
  • Site structure – Does the site have essential pages and good internal linking
  • Structure Data Markup – is the appropiate local Schema installed.
  • Load Time – Does the site load speed match Googles best practices.
  • Citations – Does the site have the correct and fully matching citations
  • Backlinks – We checked the health of the backlink profile and anchor text
Competition Audit

We wanted to see which types of sites were ranking for the main target keywords in each location so we ran a manual search on After this, we took the top five search results from Google in each location and ran each URL through Ahrefs to find the following data.


  • Type of pages ranking for the main keywords
  • Content – word count, elements and how the content addressed the visitor
  • Site structure – How many pages, types of pages and the site the layout
  • Schema – Type of Schema being used
  • Backlinks – Overall backlink profile such as the number of links, link quality and link velocity.
Keyword Research

Using seed keywords and the data we recorded from the first steps we used manual discovery along with SEMRush to uncover a further 285 keywords that the competition was showing for but the client wasn’t.

We looked at current and new keywords and made sure they were linked to the correct searcher intent. In this case the person behind the specific search had the intent of visiting a barbers / hair salon in the next few days.

Site Redesign and on-page improvements

Using all the collected data we were now in a position to restructure the site and make amendments to the existing content. We restructured the site so each targeted location had a dedicated page, before this all locations were on one page. Word count was not a significant ranking factor but none the less we aimed for the average.

We added legal pages to the site including a GDPR page along with location pages and a blog. The following on-page elements were added or changed where necessary.

  • Main keyword inserted into the prime ranking indicating areas of the page
  • Guided by the data added secondary keywords and LSIs into certain areas of all pages
  • Added ALT tags to all images
  • Added map embeds
  • connected social media accounts
  • Made appropriate amendments to the site to ensure site load speed.
Social Media

We optimised all social media channels with the main keywords and advised on a content plan to increase brand awareneess through Instagram and twitter and increased engagement and interaction through the company’s location Facebook pages. The aim was to gain maximum engagement and ultimately more enquiries.

Optimise Google My Business

The GMB listing was unverified for some locations and was also incomplete.
We completed the verification process for all five locations and fully completed all sections of the GMB account including opening hours, description and used the main keyword.

Reviews are a essential element for maps ranking so we looked at ways to increase reviews from customers by creating a small handout when customers leave the shop along with customer newsletter.

Backlink Campaign

We cleaned existing citations to  make sure details are accurate and descriptions are complete incorporating keywords as potential customers actively use these main directories. New Citations were created new making sure the NAP was consistent across all citations and the website.

From the earlier data collected we compiled a list of competitor backlinks to aquire that met the required standard and created a mini outreach campaign to aquire 10 links from real websites with at least 1000 visitors per month.

Our outreach team compliled a list of search operators and made contact with site owners, once an agreement was made we needed to create content that the target sites audience would find interesting. Follow up communincation was made until the article and link was live.
The link building campaign is monitored to establish if further links are required after the first 10. Anchor text is a mixture of brand, naked URL and generic.

Project Conclusion


The client has seen an overall increase in online enquiries through the location pages of the website and the Google My Business listings.


  • Non-branded search terms increased by 84%
  • Phone call enquiries increased by 45%
  • Main keywords pushed to page one of Google

If you’re a local business owner and would like the same result for your business reach out to us today.

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