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What is Local SEO?


Simply put local SEO is to optimise your online presence (normally your website) to be one of the first websites returned for a local search. At GLOW SERP Consulting, we rely on data-driven strategies to determine the most effective techniques for boosting your local online presence. Everything from keyword selection to content creation relies on thorough research to devise the right strategy.

Our in-depth analysis helps set us apart from other local digital marketing services. To develop your bespoke SEO strategy, we collect and analyse a wide range of quantitative and qualitative data to gain more insight into your local market.

Instead of simply inserting keywords with the highest search volume, we look for the keywords that your competition ranks for. We thoroughly review their websites to determine where their citations come from and which local business directories they appear on. 

With an seo audit and a complete review of the essential data, we can develop a strategy geared toward your specific needs. No matter the industry or size of your business, you have the chance to pull ahead of the competition.


An overwhelming majority of search traffic goes to those top results. If you do not appear in the top three-pack, you are essentially sending potential customers to your competition.

Our local SEO services provide a convenient solution to help you achieve maximum visibility. We use on-page and off-page SEO processes backed by detailed data analysis to create your bespoke local SEO strategy.

We analyse your site, competition, and Google My Business (GMB) listing to uncover the most effective keywords. From there, we optimise your website and GMB listing to start increasing your search rankings for local searches. Using thorough research, we devise a tailored strategy intended to get you ahead of your competitors.

Grow Your Business with More Local Traffic

Why should you use local SEO for your business? Our local SEO services are designed to increase your online presence in your local region. 

Along with helping to boost traffic to your local website, localised SEO offers the following advantages:

  • Increase foot traffic to your business
  • Help local customers find your website
  • Gain more inquiries and phone calls
  • Promote your brand and establish trust
  • Remain competitive in your local market

Local search results include listings from Google Maps. The order of the local businesses depends on a variety of factors, including relevance to the search query and proximity to your current location. By optimising your GMB listing, link building and citations, and implementing on-page SEO techniques, we help increase your ranking.

Be the business that is found

People are more likely to discover your location if it appears at the top of the results. This helps direct more visitors to your website, address, and phone number. You should receive more foot traffic to your physical location along with more inquiries and phone calls, helping to drive sales.

People tend to trust search engines to present them with the most relevant results. By appearing at the top of the search rankings, you establish more trust with local searchers. This may lead to increased conversion rates from your web traffic.

By using a local SEO company, you can gain these advantages which help you remain competitive in crowded local markets. Depending on your location, you may need to compete with established businesses or multinational organisations. With our local SEO solutions, businesses of any size can gain a foothold in their local area. 

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Having a number of local barber shops around Essex its essential people find us on Google’s local search. Glow Serp made sure we appear for the right searches in our local areas.
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John Coysten

Director, Hot Shots Barbers


Competitor Analysis

Local search engine optimisation starts with keyword research. Although Google and other search engines no longer rely heavily on keywords as a ranking factor, the use of relevant keywords still influences your position. It also helps uncover how people search for your products or services, providing key insight into your target demographic.

Analysing your competition is a central part of devising a successful local marketing strategy. We examine their websites, backlinks, citations, and Google My Business listing to find out where they stand and how they got there. 

GMB and Maps Optimisation

When your local business appears in Google Maps search results, you increase your reach. It makes it easier for locals to find your website or brick-and-mortar storefront. We audit Google Maps to find out where you currently stand in the rankings and to identify your main competitors.

The information that appears in Google Maps comes from your Google My Business (GMB) listing. The listing is available for any local business, but you need to claim your listing to start editing the details. We analyse your listing and optimise it for your target demographics and keywords.

Backlink and Citation Building

Generating local backlinks and citations boost your search profile in Google and other search engines. We look for opportunities to increase your relevance by adding your business to local directory listings such as Yellow pages and other sources. These backlinks give search engines more reason to rank your website higher, resulting in more traffic for local searches.

Citations provide many of the same SEO advantages provided by backlinks. A citation is an online mention of a business name, phone number, or address (NAP). Citations may come from local directories, social media platforms, and other websites. We know how to find the most authoritative sources for local citations, allowing your local visibility to increase.

Reports at your fingertips

Its important when you use a local seo service that you understand where your money is going and what we as a local seo agency are doing. For this reason we set up a live reporting sheet, which you can access at any time. The report shows which local seo services are scheduled, being worked on and completed.  This way you know exactly what stage of the seo campaign we are at.

Common Questions and Answers


How much do Local SEO Services cost?

This really depends on your niche, competition and location because of this the investment of local seo services can be anything between £500 to £2000 per month. it’s also important to remember that a local SEO campaign should be for at least 4-6 months anything less will not be long enough to see the returns of the campaign. Local SEO services that are carried out correctly can result in significant ROI for the local business. it’s not uncommon to see turnovers double or even triple.

How long until I see results?

Once we look at your site and analyse your competition we will have a better idea. Every niche, town and website is different but its important to understand local SEO is not a quick fix. The duration of the campaign will yeild positive results.

Do you guarantee I'll be No.1 in Google

Absolutely not! Any company that does should set off alarm bells. Even within local search Google has a very complicated algorithm which is always changing. we will however optimise your website to give give it the best chance of reaching the first position. To date our methods have been very successful.

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