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Premium Link Building Campaigns That Deliver Results

We provide high-quality link building campaigns to in-house marketing teams and SEO agencies worldwide. The only backlinks you should have pointing towards your website are from sites that Google trusts, this means sites that have organic traffic as a result of ranking themselves.

Ahrefs recently carried out a study of over 1 billion web pages and found only 0.21% received over 1000 organic search traffic from Google.

We deliver backlinks from the 0.2% – The websites Google Trusts.

White Hat Links

Link building should be a long-term strategy. Our link building process only ever incorporates natural white hat SEO strategies to ensure your website is always 100% safe.
Our outreach campaigns are carried out matching the correct targets with the right content. Real authoritative links will provide on-going organic traffic and help you dominate the search listings.

Real-Time Reports

All of our work is recorded in real-time in an online file which you can access at any time. You can see a variety of data on the campaign including details on links built. A separate report is compiled every month and emailed to you.
Every Wednesday is client day where we make time for phone calls, meetings and to answer any questions you have and discuss strategies.


Data-Driven Campaigns

SEO and link building services shouldn’t be guesswork but unfortunately, many agencies do exactly that. We are part of various scientific testing groups continuously conducting tests on Googles algorithm to uncover the hard facts of what really works. We use this data to help create our link building campaigns and decide the best link types to use as well as link velocity.

Growing Your Brand

To stand out online, it’s essential Google, and other search engines recognise your brand.
A carefully conducted link creation campaign will create online exposure, social proof and trust around your brand, creating a strong company profile. This not only helps your search engine position but increases brand awareness to your potential customers. Helping you to become established in your niche.

Bespoke Link Campaign

Your business and website are unique and as such, require a link building campaign especially created for you. Every niche and website reacts differently to a campaign, and one size fits all is definitely not the case here. We will create a campaign based on your site, content and goals, and use the right link type to provide maximum effect from the links we build throughout the campaign making sure you receive ROI from your investment.

Guaranteed Links

Many SEO and link building agencies will reach out to a number of sites each month with a hope of achieving a certain number of links. We believe if you are paying for links, then links are what you should receive and not pay for a process of work which may or may not provide the required number links every month. If you pay for 20 links per month than that’s exactly what you will receive and that’s a guarantee.

Are we a good match?

Who is our service for?

Our link building services are for anyone with a website that needs more targeted traffic and higher rankings, our clients typically include medium to large businesses, SEO agencies and if the fit is right local or smaller websites. We pride ourselves on offering an extremely high-quality backlinks service that achieves excellent results, so our services are priced at a premium.

So you will typically have all or some of the following

  • You already have good on-page SEO
  • You or someone in your company understand what backlinks are
  • You appreciate building quality backlinks is a long-term game
  • You have fairly good SEO but need help to achieve top results
  • You have a monthly budget of at least £2000 / $2400 for link building


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Common Questions

Here are some of the more common question we are asked, if you have a question that is not covered here please get in touch.


What critria do you use when securing backlinks?

All the backlinks we will secure for your website will be from real websites with at least 1000 monthly organic traffic.
The reason for this is simple if a site is ranking high enough for keywords to receive organic monthly visitors –  Google trusts the website. A backlink from a website that Google trusts is a good backlink.

The reason why DA (domain authority) and DR (domain rating) are not our first choice is they are 3rd party metrics and although they are a good benchmark they are not linked to Google or other search engines. If Moz has an outage of its link index it can affect the display of DA, PA (this happened in March 2020). Google sees the sites as the same even though the DA has dropped or gone altogether. You will also find sites with a 40+ DR with no ranking keywords and no traffic – it is possible to manipulate these metrics.

That being said our links are normally DR30+ and DR 40+ so if you like metrics we have you covered.

Do I really need to build links?

Authoritative back links are one of the main ranking factors for Google and other search engines, and will be for the foreseeable future. The right back links will do two things. 1) Send postive signals to search engines increasing your position in the serp results so more of your potential customers / clients find you.
2) Drive targeted traffic to your site from people clicking over from the linking site.
A simple equation is more targeted visitors means more enquiries and more revenue. So do you need back links for your business? 100% yes if you want to grow.

How long should the back link campaign continue?

Link building should be an on-going process, your competitors will more than likely be treating link building as an on-going process so you should too. It’s common sense to say if you stop and your competitors don’t they will overtake you.

Do you provide a breakdown of costs?

Absolutely, once we assess your website and decide on a monthly budget our proposal will have a break down of the team and hours each month so you can see exactly what you’re paying for.

What is your pricing structure for link building?

Our link building campaigns are billable by the hour with a set number of agreed hours each month.
Each project comprises a team of link building specalists dedicated to the project. The monthly campaigns start from £2000 per month.


How many links do I need to see an improvement?

This impossible to answer, it depends on a variety of factors such niche, competition, and content to name a few. What you can be sure of is a well throughout out continuous campaign will give your site on-going improvements in all areas.

We only want a few links can you carry out a quick campaign?

Unfortunately not and reason why is it will hold little benefit for you. We only work with clients that understand that link building is a long term game. We don’t advise anything less than six month and once you see what the results bring you’ll insist on it being a permanent part of your online marketing.

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More About Backlinks

Most of you here will be aware of the importance of link building services and backlinks and why you need them to experience growth in your business. If you are someone that has heard backlinks are important but are unsure why or you have heard conflicting information about them, this section of the site is for you.


Search Engine Ranking Factors

There are over 200 ranking factors that all come together to determine which websites are returned on the first page. Some of these change from time to time, but the two main ones are content and backlinks, What you have on your website and who is linking to it. It’s necessary to make sure your on-page SEO is up to scratch, such as unique content, the right keyword density and H tags to name a few. This will give you good foundations to build a good backlink profile. if you’re on this page and you have any doubt about your on-page you may require a full SEO service

What is a backlink and why are they essential.

A backlink is a website linking to your site and is like a recommendation. Now not all backlinks are good, if two people recommended a steakhouse to you, one was a vegetarian, and the other was Gordon Ramsey, who would you consider the more reliable source? Now there is a bit more to it than this such as making sure you have the correct anchor text ratio, but hopefully you get the idea. So the more authoritative websites in your niche that link to your site, the better.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done as authoritative websites don’t link out to other sites just for the sake of it. As a general rule, you will have to provide fantastic value in the form of killer content our link building services take care of this for you.

What Happens When My Site Has A Strong Backlink Profile

Creating a natural backlink profile takes hard work and time and relationship building, but here’s what will start to happen as you gain links.

1) People will click the links and come to your site as they are genuinely interested in what you have. This is real targeted traffic, and, this is the sort of traffic that turns into sales! The more links that are built, the more the traffic grows.

2) Gaining links from real sites has always been a major ranking factor, and that’s not about to change so by creating a healthy backlink profile, you will experience a steady rise in the rankings. You will find all of the websites in the No.1 spot have good backlinks.

 Do I really need to build links?

We know many business owners have this question. Search engine optimisation and link building are still not completely understood, but the blunt answer is if you want to experience growth and make sure your website is producing leads and sales it is an absolute necessity to either build links yourself or use a company that provides backlink services. Nearly everyone searches online, and if you do not appear within the top five for those searches, you are handing money to your competition, making sure you have a good content marketing strategy is essential.

 Googles Best Practices

Trying to manipulate Google to gain high rankings is a dangerous game and often ends in disaster.  Googles artificial intelligence (AI) program Rank Brain is becoming more and more advanced every year, and many websites have been hit by algorithm updates, dropping them in the rankings or worse de-indexing them entirely. There is only one type of SEO that agencies should be using, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. At Glow Serp Consulting, our link building strategies are 100% white hat all of the time. All our client’s sites are immune to Google algorithm updates.

We pride ourselves on having an excellent outreach service. We have a process in place that finds the best websites to build backlinks from. Our experienced team search, make contact and negotiate with owners of leading websites in your niche to secure high-quality white hat backlinks.

Our Link Building Process

Access to Google accounts

Before starting a campaign, we request access to your Google analytics and Google search console, and if for any reason you don’t have these setup, we can do this for you. These two Google tools are imperative when you have a website. We use these to document the progress of the campaign. All stats are recorded before we begin and then monitored throughout. The data from these two accounts is also imported into your own private live dashboard which you can access at any time.

Website and Content Analysis

This is an important part of the setup process. This is where we look at your on-page SEO, current ranking profile and backlink profile. Firstly we check the on-page SEO, and this should already be at a good level. If for some reason your on-page is poor, then any backlinks built will not have the best effect. We check for keyword over optimisation, duplicate content and word count. This is performed manually against your competitors.

We use tools such as Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs and Majestic to analyse your current backlink profile and anchor text to make sure there is a good diversity of natural anchors. Ideally, there should be a good mixture of brand, naked URL, generic and a small percentage of exact match anchors.

Your website’s content

We need to know what type of content you have and the quality of that content, or in other terms what link-able assets your site has. We sometimes find our clients either don’t have any current content or that it’s simply not the type of content we can use. In this instance, we will ask you to have some created or we can use our professional copywriters to produce content. The content we produce is to a very high standard that people will love to link to and share. This will be an additional cost. Ideally, you will have a content budget for the duration of the project. Excellent content will stand the test of time and continue to bring traffic and links long after it’s been created.

An example analysis of the BBC’s website profile.


Plan of Target Pages and Keywords

We’ll begin by building a list of pages and keywords that we can target. Typically the first targets will be low hanging fruit, i.e. keywords already ranking between pages 2-7 with a healthy search volume.  This information will also go towards deciding which link type and sites to go after. Once we have uncovered the target keywords, they will be documented in the online drive and added to our rank tracker to monitor progress in Google.

Begin Prospecting

With everything in place, we now start the prospecting campaign to find relevant targets to reach out to for link opportunities. First, we compile a massive list of Google operators.

Using the keywords and information we have added so far we then create a huge list of Google operators to uncover niche websites that will be a good match for us to reach out to.
The Google operators we use are a powerful list of search queries, in the below example, we are targeting guest posts in the roofing niche.

These operators allow us to uncover specific websites that will be right for the types of links we need.

As an example, if we are building links in the roofing niche, we would use an operator such as:

“roofing inurl:links” This will return any pages about roofing that have the word links in the URL. This means that this page would be displaying a list of links which are normally to other sites. Perfect for us to approach with our content. Below are operators for targeting guest posts.

Email Outreach Campaign

The initial contact is made using a personalised email which varies slightly depending on which link type we are seeking. We always try to find the actual person’s name, personal email, and if possible, a contact phone number. Finding these details takes more detective work but, the personal approach not only increases the success rate but also helps build a relationship.

This can result in further links and the person sharing your content on their social media channels. All email conversations, including the date the email was sent, are added in the opportunities tab on the project planner so we can have a record of who has been contacted and how the process unravelled. We make sure we follow up on all the people we approach; we do this 4-5 times. This increases the success rate dramatically, and as we track all emails, we know who has opened the email and whom we should follow up with. An example of the link target tab can be seen below

The Results of the Link Building Campaign

Let’s break the results down to see what will be achieved from the outreach campaign and the links that are built.

  1. Direct organic traffic
  2. Powerful links to your website

Due to the fact that these links are very niche specific people visiting the site will be clicking on your links because they are genuinely interested in what you have. This is the best type of traffic, super targeted that usually converts very well and often results in buyers for your product or service.

Secondly, you will have one of the main search engines ranking factors which are high authority links from real websites, you simply can not get any better than this. Search engines love this and will reward your website with higher rankings, which of course provides more targeted organic visitors.

Higher rankings will put your website in front of the people actually searching for your product or service, and when they click on your site they are ready to buy, this is the ultimate traffic source. As long as your website has been optimised to convert, you can expect a continued increase in profits.

Reporting and tracking

We use live Google sheets for all our campaigns which push all the relevent data through to the client sheet which you can access at any time to see your link total including the URL, traffic and type of link.

Every month you recieve a monthly report of tasks carried, total links and any other deliverable we have worked on.

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