900% Increase in Traffic

4000+ keyword increase

The Client


Money Trumpet is a new personal loan broker helping people find a variety of unsecured loan products.
They launched in this extremely competitive billion pound niche in mid-2018. They approached Glow Serp Consulting in April 2019 to ask about our full SEO service and we are pleased to say they liked our proposal and became a client in May 2019. The campaign is on-going.

The Objectives

The challenge is to take the clients website which is only a few months old from zero traffic to break into one of the most competitive online niches – the personal loan niche. We faced a number of challenges with this project, firstly the niche is often seen as spammy and as we were dealing with a new domain there was a lot of ground work to be done. We had to gain Googles trust with the brand along with authority. On-page had to be spot on along with excellent informational content to go on the company blog.

The backlink campaign faced its own challenges as websites are often reluctant to link to loan sites, again the industry is still viewed as spammy because of the old payday era. We had to come up with a way to direct link juice to the main service pages. This had to be done through good informational content.


The Campaign

This was a full-time campaign with five people in the project team, starting off with a number of in-depth audits and foundational work we started the campaign. Here’s how it unfolded.

Site and SEO Audit

We ran an indepth audit of the entire site using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other industry leading tools. We wanted to understand what stage the website was at for it’s on-page and off-page along with quality of content. Due to the competitiveness of the industry we had to make sure the service page content was Google friendly and which linkable assets the site already had for acquiring backlinks. Another area we needed to look at was how the brand was currently viewed by Google. Ensuring the brand was seen as trustworthy and authoritative was essential.
The following tasks were carried out.


  • Content – Overall look at the site-wide content to asses its strengths. Service, legal and blog pages.
  • Site structure – Are the internal pages linked to ensure link juice flow How is the menu structure.
  • Load Time – Does the site load speed match Googles best practices.
  • Social Media – How is the brand awareness on social media, was the brand active enough?
  • Backlinks – Checked current backlink profile – Anchor text, link velocity and quality of links.
  • Current SEO – what SEO methods had currently been implemented and what was the quality.


There were quite a few changes to implement across the site including depth of content and overall informational content for the blog. Load speed was slightly over the Google recommeded time and social media brand mentions were fairly low.
Actions that needed to be incorporated into the project plan would become clearer after the competion audits.

Competition Audit

It was important to see which types of websites were currently ranking for the main target keywords. We already knew we had to build the authority of the site and push the DR (Domain rating) up to coincide with the top competitors.
We looked at the current and historical search data to make sure none of the top page had recently entered the serps, this was to avoid false positives. We then took the first 6 main competitors for each of the main keywords on each of the service pages (five service pages in total) and ran a variety of audits and analysis. Our aim was to completely break down the competitors websites.


  • Site structure -Number pages, menu and internal linking structure. Site metrics.
  • Types of pages – The types of pages being returned for each keyword search
  • Content – word count, elements used and type of blog content being used
  • Social Media – Activity levels of the competion on social media. Volume of brand mentions.
  • Backlinks – Type of backlinks, anchor text and link velocity.
Keyword Research

The site has five main service pages offering different types of loans. Firstly we had to make sure the main keyword being targeted by the page was the correct term, searcher intent is paramount. once this was established we sperated each main seed keyword for each page into seprate groups, from there the real research began.

From the main keyword we looked at competitor keywords and cross referenced this with our own keyword audit data. Each page group had the main keyword and secondary keywords along with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords.

From this research we built a site-wide group of keywords of 4100

On-page improvements

Using all the collected data we were now in a position to make amendments to the existing content. We made some changes to internal linking to ensure that backlinks built to the site fully utilised.
Word count needed to be added on three of the service pages as it was under the average compared to the leading sites.

Some other actions taken were.

  • Main keyword inserted into the prime ranking indicating areas of the page
  • Word count increased with relevant keyword density and positioning
  • Guided by the data added secondary keywords and LSIs into specific areas of pages
  • Added ALT tags to all images
  • Made appropriate amendments to the site to ensure site load speed.
Social Media presence

It was important to gain Googles trust for the brand and as such social media presence was a key factor, not only this but an engaging social media following would also increase traffic. We created a number of branded social properties to strengthen the brand and created a posting campaign to increase social engagement.

Content Audit and schedule

To ensure a successful link campaign we looked at the current content and it was clear the site required more linkable assets. As mentioned previously its unlikely, and unnatural that service loan pages will attract backlinks, so we created a schedule for blog content.

A number of supporting articles for each of the service pages were scheduled which provided valuable information to the readers. These articles were internally linked a certain way to ensure link power. The result was articles that would attract backlinks and look completely natural.

Backlink Campaign

We compliled an extensive report from our previous backlink competition audit to create the backlink campaign schedule. Foundation linking was applied first and then home page links to help push the brand authority up.
The aim now was to build up the number of links per month to keep a natural link velocity.

An outreach campaign was created and the team began to collect and qualify 100 sites per day which were added into the email campain sheet for this project. Our outreach managers then emailed a number of the contacts each day using a personal outreach message.
Once the DR reached 20 and organic traffic was increasing we increased linking to sitewide with the majority going to the home page and supporting articles. The link campaign is on-going and all backlinks secured have at least 1000 monthly organic traffic. The current link velocity currently stands at 10+ per month.

Project Conclusion

 The campaign, which is still on-going consisted of both on-page and off-page audits, deep competition and content analysis. Through this we made sure the website was exceeding the top competitors on-page SEO. The DR has been raised from 0 to 20 and rising (although is probably higher now).

The backlinking campaign has seen consistent high quality links built site-wide which has resulted in an 900% increase in traffic and a 4000+ keyword increase.

If you need an increase in traffic and rankings and would like us to get these results for your site reach out to us today.

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