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What Can We Do For Your Business

Growing Your Brand

To stand out online and have maximum exposure it’s important Google and other search engines recognise your brand.

We build social proof and trust around your brand creating a strong company profile. This not only helps your business rise in the search engines but increases brand awareness to your potential customers. Helping you to become established in your niche.

Higher Profits

As your site climbs in Google so will your enquiries and profits. Our SEO services are an investment and we’re confident in saying it will be one of the best ones you will make for your business.  Securing a top spot in Google will bring a flow of targeted visitors, leads and sales.

We can normally work out your expected increase in sales before we start implementing SEO. How great is that!


Many SEO agencies keep exactly what they do to your website close to their chest. We believe you should know everything that’s happening and more importantly what you are paying for.

We believe in 100% transparency, in fact, You can find out the exact steps we follow when rolling out search engine optimisation for our current clients in detail by clicking here

White Hat SEO

SEO should be a long term strategy and be able to keep your website high in Google for the duration. Our SEO services only ever incorporate white hat SEO strategies to keep your website completely safe and ranked for the long term.
If an SEO agency can’t or won’t explain their link building processes run away fast!

Monthly Reports

Every month we produce clear and precise reports to show you the progress from our SEO service and the work we have completed. The reports are emailed and added to your personalised online folder for you to access at any time.
Every month we allocate 2 hours for a meeting or phone call to answer any questions you have and discuss strategies.

No Contracts

Genuine SEO services should be a long term commitment to achieve high, permanent rankings. However, we never ask you to sign contracts. We prefer our results to keep you around instead of a piece of paper.

Why should you continue paying for an SEO service that isn’t working? No contracts, just great results.

Phil’s knowledge of SEO and digital marketing is excellent. I recommend Glow Serp Consulting to anyone that needs more business online

Nathan EJAS

Founder, EJAS Solutions

Bespoke SEO Solutions

Our Core SEO Services


All of our services are designed to secure top search engine placement and maximum exposure online. After our initial consultation, we will compile a bespoke service especially for you, after all no two businesses are the same. Some of the components of our SEO services are.




  • On-page SEO
  • Site speed testing
  • Penalty removal (if required)
  • Toxic link removal (if required)
  • Local SEO
  • National SEO
  • Outreach services | Content marketing
  • Off-page SEO… to name a few
seo services

Years ago when people required a product or service they picked up the yellow pages or Thompson local, now, of course things are a lot different. Most people turn to their desktop, laptop or mobile device and search online. So it is logical online marketing sense that any business must have a strong presence online regardless of whether they target market is local or national. In actual fact it’s essential!

When you enlist the help of a search engine optimisation agency you are investing into the future of your business. The consequence of not doing this is missing out on hundreds maybe thousands of online enquiries every year. Although Search engine marketing is not magic it does take a great deal of planning and carrying out SEO incorrectly can potentially damage your rankings and in some cases cause your Google placement serious harm. To ensure your website gains a prominent position it’s best to hire a specilaist company. Glow Serp Consulting is a leading SEO agency in Essex and helps businesses all over the UK increase organic visitors through high Google rankings



Do I really need SEO services?

We know many business owners have this question. Search engine optimization is still not completely understood by businesses and in most cases you never really know what the agency has been doing from month to month (You can see our process in  step by step detail here) but the truth is making sure your website is appearing high in Google is no longer a choice if you want to experience growth. Nearly everyone searches online and if you’re not appearing within the top five for those searches you are handing money to your competition. We pride ourselves on delivering a transparent, cast iron service that puts your business at the top of the rankings. 


Results Driven SEO

Glow Serp Consulting is a result driven digital marketing agency, as after all said and done that’s what really matters, results that make your business money and considerably more than you’re currently making. We like to find out about you and your business before starting any Search marketing strategy, such as, where do you see your business 12 months from now and which products/services bring you the most profit. This helps us to put together a bespoke strategy to drive your business forward.


An Honest SEO Agency

Not all companies receive a sufficient ROI from SEO a good example of this is a business that sells low ticket items and the search volume for their main keyword is below 200 per month the figures do not add up to warrant an investment in SEO. We always want our clients to make an excellent ROI which is why before we accept you as a client we carry out a consultation to see what your turnover will be by hitting the top Google spots. If it turns out it’s not a good ROI we will tell you. We never take on clients unless we can significantly improve your sales month after month.   


Googles Best Practices

Trying to manipulate Google and other search engines to gain high rankings is a dangerous game and often ends in disaster.  Googles artificial intelligence (AI) program Rank Brain is becoming more and more advanced every year and many websites have been hit by algorithm updates dropping them in the rankings or worse de-indexing them completely. There is only one type of SEO that agencies should be using but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. At Glow Serp Consulting our SEO strategies are 100% white hat all of the time. All our client’s sites are immune to Google algorithm updates.


High-Quality outreach

A key factor in your website securing high rankings in the search engines is backlinks but not just any backlinks will work. To ensure success you will need high authoritative, niche specific backlinks from real websites. Think of it like a recommendation from an expert in that niche. As these backlinks are built Google sees your website as a property that warrants a high placement. This is easier said than done as genuine link building takes time, negotiation and very good content.
We pride ourselves on having an excellent outreach service. We have a process in place that finds the best websites to build backlinks from. Our experience team search, make contact and negotiate with owners of leading websites in your niche to secure high-quality white hat back links.


The Grand Finale

We never forget the reason why you decided to hire an online marketing agency in the first place and that’s why we always have the end game in mind, which is your company website within the top 3 of Google delivering people specifically looking for your product or service. All of the work we do for you is geared towards this.





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