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White Hat Links

Link building should be a long term strategy and a completely natural process. Our link build process only ever incorporates white hat SEO strategies to ensure your website is always 100% safe.
All of our outreach campaigns are carefully carried out matching the correct targets with the right content. Real authoritative backlinks will give you on-going organic traffic and help you dominate the search engines.

Real-Time Reports

All of our work is recorded in real time on an online file which you can access at anytime. You can see a variety of data on the campaign and see everything unfolding in real time. A seperate report is compiled every month and added to your personalised online folder for you to access at any time.
Every Wednesday is client day where we make time for phone calls, meetings and to answer any questions you have and discuss strategies.


No Contracts

Genuine SEO and link building services should be a long term commitment to achieve the very best results. However, we never ask you to sign contracts.
We prefer our results to keep you around instead of a piece of paper. If you’re not happy at any time you can simply walk away without notice.
Why should you continue paying for an SEO service that isn’t working? No contracts, just great results.

Growing Your Brand

To stand out online it’s important Google and other search engines recognise your brand.
A carefully conducted link building campaign will create online exposure, social proof and trust around your brand creating a strong company profile. This not only helps your search engine position but increases brand awareness to your potential customers. Helping you to become established in your niche.

Higher Profits

As your site climbs in the search engines and starts to recieve traffic from the websites linking to you your enquiries and sales will also increase.
Our SEO and link building services are an investment and we’re confident in saying it will be one of the best ones you will make for your business.

Creating a strong natural backlink profile will bring a constant flow of targeted visitors, leads and sales.


Many SEO and link building agencies keep exactly what they do to your website close to their chest. We believe you should know everything that’s happening, when its happening and more importantly what exactly you are paying for.
We believe in 100% transparency, in fact, You can find out the exact process we use for our current clients in detail by clicking here –  How we build links

Phil’s knowledge of SEO and digital marketing is excellent. I recommend Glow Serp Consulting to anyone that needs more business online

Nathan EJAS

Founder, EJAS Solutions

Are We A Good Match?

Who is our service for?


We can help anyone with a website that needs more targeted traffic and higher rankings, this includes small to large businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves on offering an extremly high quality, effective service that achieves excellent results so our services are priced at a premium. You can see how we build links for our current clients HERE

So you will normally have all or some of the following

  • You already have good on-page SEO
  • You or someone in your company understands what backlinks are
  • You appreciate building quality backlinks is a long term game
  • You have fairly good SEO but need help to achieve top results
  • You have a marketing team or writer who can produce content


We work with you and your writers to create killer content that will result in people clicking through to your website. If you are unable to produce content yourself  we have access to professional writers and designers who will create top quality contant. (the cost of producing content is passed on at cost price)



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More About Backlinks



Most of you here will be aware of the importance of backlinks and why you need them to experience growth in your business. If you are someone that has heard backlinks are important but are unsure why or you have heard conflicting information them this section of the site is for you.


Search Engine Ranking Factors


 There are over 200 ranking factors that all come together to determine which websites are placed at the top of the search engines. Some of these change from time to time but the two main ones are content and backlinks, What you have on your website and who is linking to it. Its important to make sure your on-page SEO is up to scratch such as unique content, the right keyword density and H tags to name a few. This will give you good foundations to build a good backlink profile.


What is a Backlink and Why Are they Important.


A backlink is a website linking to your website and is like a recommendation in the search engines eyes. Now not all backlinks are good, if two people recommended a steakhouse to you, one was a vegaterian and the other was Gordon Ramsey, who would you consider the more reliable source? Now there is a bit more to it than this such as making sure you have the correct anchor text ratio but hopefully you get the idea. So the more authoritative websites in your niche that link to your website the better.


 Unfortuneately this is easier said than done as authoritative websites don’t link out to other sites just for the sake of it. As a general rule you will have to provide amazing value in the form of  killer content.


What Happens When My Site Has A Strong Backlink Profile


Creating a natural backlink profile takes hard work and time and relationship building but heres what will start to happen as you gain links.

1) People will click the links and come to your website as they are genuinely intersted in what you have. This is real targeted traffic, and, this is the sort of traffic that turns into sales! The more links that are built the more the traffic grows.

2) Gaining links from real websites has always been a major ranking factor and thats not about to change so by creating a strong backlink profile you will experience a steady rise in the search engines. You will find all of the websites in the No.1 spot have good backlinks.


 Do I really need SEO services?


 We know many business owners have this question. Search engine optimization and link building is still not completely understood but the blunt answer is if you want to experience growth and make sure your website is producing leads and sales it is absolute necessity. Nearly everyone searches online and if you’re not appearing within the top five for those searches you are handing money to your competition.


 Googles Best Practices


Trying to manipulate Google and other search engines to gain high rankings is a dangerous game and often ends in disaster.  Googles artificial intelligence (AI) program Rank Brain is becoming more and more advanced every year and many websites have been hit by algorithm updates dropping them in the rankings or worse de-indexing them completely. There is only one type of SEO that agencies should be using but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. At Glow Serp Consulting our SEO strategies are 100% white hat all of the time. All our client’s sites are immune to Google algorithm updates.


High-Quality outreach


A key factor in your website securing high rankings in the search engines is backlinks but not just any backlinks will work. To ensure success you will need high authoritative, niche specific backlinks from real websites, which only come from a high quality link building service. Think of it like a recommendation from an expert in that niche. As these backlinks are built Google sees your website as a property that warrants a high placement. This is easier said than done as genuine link building takes time, negotiation and very good content. As a SEO and link building agency we know exactly how to deliver this.


We pride ourselves on having an excellent outreach service. We have a process in place that finds the best websites to build backlinks from. Our experience team search, make contact and negotiate with owners of leading websites in your niche to secure high-quality white hat back links.





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